viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

Bloke - Demolicion (1984)

Gracias a Nehuen Di Palma y Jose de San Isidro por el aporte

Esta banda fundada en 1982, cambiaron muchas veces de cantante, con Billy grabaron su disco en 1984

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Founded in 1982 they first changed the singers several times. With Billy they recorded their album in 1984, and this got a real masterpiece! From the 80s records this is the best. It is US style Power Metal. At this time they were not very successful with that (may be also because of the ugly cover of a demolition machine), and their small label did not help them much. In the band were also many problems, and when they got ready to record a second album, singer Billy told them he will leave the band. So they split before they even recorded something more. Billy sung for a while in the band 6L6 and than went to California and made a demo with the band THE CROSS. The guitar player later played with the band MADAM normal Hard Rock and they recorded a album "Decide tu corazon" (only as LP cassette and as 2 track promo single). Before this band disappeared BLOKE bass player Daniel Parodi joined for a while. To find this record is really hard, and I have never seen it on a list.

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NN dijo...

Primero deseo darte mil gracias por subir este tipo de material, tan difìcil de conseguir. Hace unos cuàntos años lo habìa buscado este disco, sin ningùn èxito. Hoy me entero que fue reeditado, lo que quiere decir que hay gente memoriosa que sabe valorar un trabajo de calidad (asì como hay gente memoriosa que lo sube) La verdad, un disco olvidado, pero no por eso olvidable.
Aguante BloKe.

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